Suzuki Training for the Performer Sundays 1-3pm
Rigorous physical and vocal exercises centering, grounding, and focusing the performer.
Developed and perfected over the past 30 years by world-renowned renowned theater director, educator and theorist Tadashi Suzuki,
the work is inspired by traditional forms of Japanese theater - Noh, Kabuki, Kyogen, etc. and modern gestural and presentational styles.
The performer is strengthened both physically and psychologically while acquiring a new set of acting tools;
deepening awareness of form and composition; and rejoicing in the power of true ensemble.

pics! / the Bay Guardian Article
goals and tenets; /student's notes about the work / a conversation between Suzuki and Hijikata /
TIME Magazine review of Suzuki's THE TALE OF LEAR

Private Audition and Acting Coaching
Expert detailed coaching and audition preparation: strategies for finding new pieces; freshening and editing old material;
properly sizing and blocking the performance ~ insightful and to-the-point acting coaching as needed from audition
through callbacks and into rehearsal.
Ongoing schedule - $75/hour. successes

SCENE STUDY/CHARACTER LAB - A Master Class for Actors

SCENE STUDY/CHARACTER LAB - A Master Class for Professional Actors


Passionate and comic two and three-person scenes varied in style and period, focusing on honesty of interpretation, and completeness of character. This is a rigorous acting workshop in constructing a three-dimensional character that is at once appropriate for the parameters of the scene and the intentions of the playwright as well as transformative for the actor in body,voice, gesture, emotional state, etc.


Create a 'new' human being that walks and moves, speaks and sounds, dreams and emotes differently from you. Discover new approaches to voice and timbre, body and gesture, image and emotion.

Techniques include working from psychological gestures (Michael Chekhov), shifting centers, full face photographs, collected live studies, vocal and timbral shifts, rhythmic and metabolic changes, etc. as well as specific, deft and profound scene work.


These techniques are practical, detailed, and the underlying curriculum is designed to give the student a new set of tools to aid in theatrical transformation. The work is focused, detailed, challenging and fun.

CD Demo Recording
voiceover // song

Additional Classes offered at the Studio

all classes held Jeffrey Bihr Studio - 5390 Miles Avenue Oakland