The Suzuki focus on intense stillness as well as increasing build and holding of tremendous passion dovetails
particularly well with emphasis on dramatic texts with heightened language that demand sustained and explosive emotion.
The rigorous ensemble work striving as a group to achieve ever greater performances of form and composition
challenges students to expand their technical and imaginative skills.
The Suzuki exercises are designed to train actors to access impulses and to respond physically and emotionally,
in the moment, to others.

Goals of Suzuki Class

• that students gain a much greater awareness of the quantity of essential energy required to make any moment work onstage

• that they become more able to summon and manipulate this energy

• that they achieve a much greater ability to focus on things both real and imaginary

• that they become much more awake to the true center in their body

• that they are much more able to move from their true center

• that they achieve a strong sense of the power of stillness

• that they practice acting as opposed to reacting

• that they achieve a great awareness of how the foot contacts the stage, and how that becomes the foundation of the structure of character

• that the students develop a rhythmic breathing that sustains them through these rigorous exercises

• that they achieve a much greater awareness of form, structure, and composition onstage

• that they achieve a sensibility of the power of true ensemble

• that they are challenged to solve greater and greater problems with less and less discussion about them