Local, Broadway and Grad School Successes!

Notable students coached and directed by Jeffrey include:
Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker ,Tony Award winner Anika Noni Rose, and movie stars Elizabeth Banks, Dileep Rao, Omar Metwally

the following is a representative list of students' successes from private coaching with Jeffrey - ROLES here and GRADUATE SCHOOLS below:

   2/12/11 Luke Rampersad ACCEPTED to ART and COLUMBIA Graduate Programs!
   2/12/11 Jenna Davi ACCEPTED to STELLA ADLER Graduate Program!
   2/12/11 Luke Rampersad ACCEPTED to BROWN and STELLA ADLER Graduate Programs!
   2/12/11 Luke Rampersad called back to YALE, NYU, and COLUMBIA Graduate Programs!
   2/12/11 Jenna Davi called back to SMU Graduate Program!
   2/12/11 Alex Hero called back to NYU Graduate Program!
   1/15/11 Alison Peltz cast as Audrey in LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS for NOVATO THEATER!
   5/25/10 Cristhian Ayvar accepted to New York University's Tisch School of the Arts!
   5/08/10 Kristine Lowry cast in SIX WOMEN WITH BRAIN DEATH for WILLOWS
   3/15/10 Marissa Keltie cast in MACBETH for CAL SHAKES!
   3/1/10 Shannon Warrick cast as Mrs Darling in PETER PAN spectacle in San Francisco!
   8/18/09 Alison Peltz cast in URINETOWN at NOVATO THEATER COMPANY
   6/29/09 Sarah Eismann accepted to COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY and UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON graduate programs!
   6/29/09 Donnie Hill cast as Hamlet in HAMLET for SAN FRANCISCO SHAKESPEARE
   6/12/09 Donnie Hill cast as Mr Martin in THE BALD SOPRANO at CUTTING BALL THEATER
   5/18/09 Kristine Lowry cast as Hannah in SPITFIRE GRILL at ALTARENA PLAYHOUSE
   4/18/09 Hannah Kornfeld cast as Annie in ANNIE! at Starlight Theater in San Diego
   03/20/09 Roselyn Hallet accepted to THE NEW SCHOOL FOR DRAMA graduate program!
   03/17/09 Chiara Motley accepted to NTC graduate program!
   03/11/09 Sarah Eismann accepted to Columbia graduate program!
   02/8/09 Chiara Motley accepted to Brown graduate program!
   01/28/09 Donnie Hill cast in YOU, NERO for Berkeley Rep
   12/02/08 Beth Deitchman cast as Christine in MISS JULIE for Aurora Theater
   11/10/08 Jason Stoute cast in GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS at Ross Valley Players
   11/01/08 Hannah Kornfeld cast as Dorothy in WIZARD OF OZ at Coronado Playhouse
   10/20/1/08 Christine Macomber cast in GIN GAME at Broadway West
   9/01/08 Chiara Motley cast as Belle in CHRISTMAS CAROL at ACT in Seattle
   8/6/08 Emlyn Kowaleski off to TISCH in theater!
   6/01/08 Michelle Mills cast in WORD FOR WORD production of Tobias Wolff stories
     4/1/08 Carly Waldman accepted to Chapman, Boston University and Syracuse Theater Programs!
     3/17/08 Clea Alsip accepted to NYU Graduate Program!
     3/08/08 Amin El Gamal accepted to USC and RUTGERS Graduate Programs
     2/21/08 Heather Gordon accepted to A.R.T Graduate School for Drama
     2/10/08 Heather Gordon called back to YALE and NYU and NTC Graduate Programs
     1/30/08 David Alan Moss cast as HAMBONE in TWO TRAINS RUNNING on ACT Mainstage.
   12/10/07 Kathryn Foley cast in BROADWAY PRODUCTION of Jason Robert Brown's new musical, THIRTEEN!
   12/18/07 Heather Gordon cast in THE SCENE at SF PLAYHOUSE
   12/04/07 Hannah Kornfeld cast in HARD LAUGHTER at ALTER THEATER
   11/25/07 Chiara Motley cast as ANNE in PERSUASION at BOOKIT! in Seattle
   11/24/07 Beth Deitchman cast as NINA in THE COCKTAIL HOUR at ROSS VALLEY PLAYERS
   6/24/07 Hannah Kornfeld cast as Tina Denmark (lead) in RUTHLESS at PURPLE ONION
   6/21/07 Kristine Lowry cast as Kate in SHADOWBOX at MASQUERS
   6/20/07 Michelle Mills cast as Belle in CHRISTMAS CAROL at CENTER REP
   5/20/07 Amalia Martin cast as Amiens in AS YOU LIKE IT
   4/08/07 Rebecca Martin accepted to ART MFA PROGRAM in Boston
   4/28/07 Julie Fogh accepted to Northern Illinois University and Moscow Art Theatre
   4/07/07 Kathryn Foley cast as Tina (the lead) in RUTHLESS
   3/22/07 Michelle Mills cast as female lead in THE UNDERPANTS at ROSS VALLEY PLAYERS
   3/22/07 Chiara Motley accepted to AMERICAN CONSERVATORY THEATER MFA PROGRAM
   3/10/07 Rebecca Martin accepted to NATIONAL THEATER CONSERVATORY MFA PROGRAM in Denver
   3/10/07 Hannah Kornfeld cast in BLACKBIRD at ACT
   2/12/07 David Alan Moss wins the title role in OTHELLO at COLLEGE OF MARIN
    2/5/07 Heather Gordon cast as TOXIC PASSION in THUNDERBABE at Theatre on San Pedro Square
  1/26/07 Alison Peltz cast as Ilona in SHE LOVES ME at Masquers
11/27/06 Hannah Kornfeld cast as Mary Lennox in THE SECRET GARDEN at THE WILLOWS
11/24/06 Kristine Lowry cast in MUSIC MAN with Diablo Civic Light Opera
10/20/06 Hannah Kornfeld called back as Anne in DIARY OF ANNE FRANK at STEPPENWOLF THEATER COMPANY
04/12/06 Liz Sklar accepted to ACT MFA Program
03/21/06 Yana Kesala accepted to LONDON ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMATIC ART
05/01/06 Tamar Cohn cast as Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night for Women's Will
03/13/06 Hannah Kornfeld cast as Alice in ALICE IN WONDERLAND for Marin Shakespeare
03/04/06 Chris Ryan accepted to ACT MFA Program
03/01/06 Camelia Poespowidjojo accepted to UC Irvine MFA Program
01/27/06 Tonya Glanz cast as Mita in FOREST WAR for Shotgun
12/21/05 Kristine Lowry cast as Julia in THE FOURTH WALL Sonoma Rep
03/13/05 Allison Peltz cast as Princess Winnifred in ONCE UPON A MATTRESS Ross Valley Players
03/13/05 Fraser Walters cast in LORD OF THE RINGS in Toronto and London
03/13/05 Sally Clawson cast in THE RULES OF CHARITY at Magic Theater
11/16/04 Sally Clawson cast in FETES DE LA NUIT at Berkeley Repertory Theater
06/21/04 Kelly Johnson lands role in Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre Program
05/10/04 Sarah Smithton lands role in Women's Will production of Lord of the Flies
03/19/04 Marcia Pizzo lands lead roles in THE MOTHER opposite Olympia Dukakis at ACT,
                and Kate in TAMING OF THE SHREW for Marin Shakespeare Festival!
03/20/04 Logan Fahey accepted to North Carolina School of the Arts fall 2004
03/09/04 Lauren Bloom accepted to Alabama Shakespeare MFA program
02/24/04 Erica Smith lands Maria in TWELFTH NIGHT at SF SHAKESPEARE
02/20/04 Both Logan Fahey and Josh Day (best friends) accepted to New Actor's Workshop fall 2004
12/05/03 Heather Mathieson lands lead and understudy in DOLL'S HOUSE at ACT
08/14/03 Sam Tsubota accepted to University of Washington MFA Program
06/27/03 Tina Chilip accepted to University of Washington and Brown/Trinity MFA Programs
06/10/03 Natasha Baker accepted to Drama Studio London program
06/03/03 Shannon Warrick accepted to Alabama Shakespeare Festival MFA program (one of only two women accepted!
05/03/03 Andrea Day accepted to Penn State MFA program (Asolo)
04/28/03 Jordan Kaplan accepted to Trinity Rep MFA program
04/18/03 Michelle Mills lands the role of Ensign Bessie Noonan in South Pacific at The Willows
04/08/03 Sam Tsubota accepted to A.R.T. Summer Intensive and wait-listed for University of Washington MFA Program
03/27/03 Doug Nolan snagged the role of Flute/Thisbe in this summer's Midsummer Night's Dream at Marin Shakespeare
03/21/03 Jamila Webb admitted to American Conservatory Theater Masters Program fall of 2003
02/10/03 Sarah Smithton scored the lead for the Mountain Play's production of Annie summer of 2003
01/03/03 Shannon Warrick cast as Adriana in Santa Cruz Shakespeare's production of Comedy of Errors summer 2003
08/20/02 Naomi Peters cast in Broadway production of Metamorphoses using Suzuki techniques for her audition.
02/27/02 Shelene Atanacio was just signed at STARS the Agency after working on her audition with Jeffrey.
02/10/02 Michelle Mills cast as Kim, a lead in The Mountain Play after working on her audition and callback with Jeffrey.
02/01/02 Erica Smith signed at STARS the Agency after working on her audition with Jeffrey.
02/01/02 Mary Saudargas just got cast in Top Girls after working with Jeffrey.
11/02/01 Atosa Babaoff snagged a mainstage role at Berkeley Repertory Theater's Much Ado About Nothing after working on her audition and callback with Jeffrey.

Graduate School Placements


Chiara Motley 2007

Liz Sklar 2006
Chris Ryan 2006
Jamila Webb 2003
Atosa Babaoff 1998
Olivia Groves 1998
Michelle Cordero 1996


Chiara Motley 2009

Rebecca Martin 2007

Rebecca Roy 1993
Sydney Markus 1994


Clark Jackson 1994
Annette Granucci 1994
David Grillo 1992


Amin El Gamal 2008


Amin El Gamal 2008


Camelia Poespowidjojo 2006


Natasha Baker 2003
Yurie Ann Cho, David Reilly, Mark Lynch, Vincent Tycer 2001
Beth Lein, Thomas Taft, Pollyanna Jacobs 2000
Alexandra Kuntzch, 1999
Lisa Gurevich 1996
Stephanie Silen 1995


Sarah Eismann 2009

Sam Tsubota, Tina Chilip 2003
Joanne Brooks 1999
Michelle Cordero 1996
Jocelyn Jackson 1995

A.R.T. Harvard

Heather Gordon 2008
Rebecca Martin 2007
Sam Tsubota (Summer Program) 2003
Mark Lynch 2001
Clark Jackson 1994


Clea Alsip 2008

Nora Woolley 1996
Jasmine Solomon 1994
Andri Antoniades 1993


Sarah Eismann 2009


Andrea Day 2003


Lauren Bloom 2004
Shannon Warrick 2003


Michelle Cordero 1996
Dan Gunther 1992


Chiara Motley 2009

Jordan Kaplan, Tina Chilip 2003


Michelle Cordero 1996
Michael O'Connell 1993
Dan Ruch 1991


Logan Fahey 2004
Josh Day 2004
Lucy Chambers 1997


Nora Woolley 1996
Clark Jackson 1994


Carly Waldman 2008

Nora Woolley 1996


Stephanie Dorian, Jasmine Solomon 1994


Logan Fahey 2004


Marie Shell 2001


Nora Woolley 1996